Capital City Produce

We are located in the Capital District Regional Produce Market,
the oldest Farmer Owned Cooperative in the country.

Our 40 years of experience in the brokerage sector and 15 years in the processing, wholesale, and re-packing sectors is why many in our industry consider us "The Pros of Produce."



Locally Grown Produce
Whether bulk or processed, we are the Capital District’s largest distributor of New York State produce.


Capital City Produce has 40 years of experience in the brokerage sector and 20 years in the processing, wholesale and re-packing sectors.


Fast Delivery
You never know where you might find one of our trucks!


Capital City Produce LLC provides our foodservice and retail customers a broad range of bulk, fresh-cut, and value-added produce.

Capital City Produce LLC is dedicated to continuously improve the quality and safety of our products and service to meet our customer’s needs beyond their expectations. Most importantly, we are a leader in utilizing the most up to date technology and information relating to food safety and quality.

Locally Grown
We are proud to partner with Capital Region farms.

Fresh Produce
We are the Capital District’s largest supplier of locally grown produce.

Freshly processed and delivered the same day!

Food Safety
SQF Code ED 8.0 certified!